Join the SECWarriorClub by purchasing one of the first NFTs (non-fungible token) on the XRPL. SECWarriorClub is a 1/1000 NFT that is more than a cool video file, it's ticket to the world of SuperEagle! One benefit is 10% off final purchases of our iconic SECEagleNFT collection with many more to come...

*Warning that these XRPL NFTs are XLS-14d and are likely to updated with future editions on the XRPL. With SECWarriorClub hosted NFTs we can guarantee a 1:1 swap if a better NFT version comes to the XRPL.*


Add the trust line for SECWarriorClub NFT via the direct Xumm button here


Once you have an open trust line for SECWarriorClub (MUST do this FIRST!) you can then purchase it for 20 XRP via this Xumm button


Copy and paste the Transaction ID from your payment to SuperEagle. This can be found in your Xumm App in "Transaction details" under "Events."