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What's SuperEagle Coin?

SuperEagle Coin is a fungible protest token issued on the XRP ledger.

What is SEAC?

SEAC is our currency ticker officially

What is SEC then?

SEC is our XRP on-ledger ticker value code, it stands for 'SavE Cryptocurrency'

How many SuperEagle Coins are there?

8 million SuperEagle Coins were created. 1 million for every year regulators waited before charging Ripple with selling unregistered securities. There is potential for an additional 8 million to be created (16 million total) by 'burning' XRP (1 for 1) with the locked issuing account over the decentralized exchange. 


Can you make more of them?

No. The issuer account has been "black holed." We therefore have no access to the keys for this account so any coins or tokens sent there will be lost forever.

What's the point of it?

To raise awareness and protest the lack of regulatory clarity around cryptocurrency. We aim to highlight one of the many possible utilities of the XRP ledger.

Is it a security?

Who knows? We are not having an initial coin offering (ICO). We will mainly distribute them freely to power the message that we need regulatory clarity in the cryptocurrency space. The main method will be via the faucet. We do reserve the right to trade some tokens to cover costs such as maintaining this website in conjunction with Georgian law.

How do I get some?

First you need to add a trust line for SuperEagle Coin from the issuing XRP account to your own activated XRP account (see the TRUST LINE tab). You can collect SuperEagle Coin from the faucet (see the FAUCET tab) or trade for some from the decentralized exchange (see the EXCHANGE tab). Follow us on Twitter at @NottheSEC2 to keep track of promotions and giveaways

Is any of this financial advice?


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