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Cryptocurrency rose out the ashes of the 2008 global financial crisis where abuse of under regulated housing markets collapsed the world's economy. We at SuperEagle Coin want to see clear constructive regulation to prevent abuses of power both within and to the current digital asset markets.

SuperEagle Coin is world's first dedicated protest token on the XRP ledger. We aim to tokenize the movement to ask for clear regulations and clarity on what we can and cannot do with digital currencies. We are not associated or affiliated with any security or exchange commission or any other government agency.

"But wait. Is this a sale of security?" That's a good question. Who knows? For what it is worth we at SuperEagle Coin did not run a initial coin offering. This is not an investment nor is it investment advice. Expect no profits and certainly no effort by myself or others. We do however reserve the right to trade some tokens to cover costs such as hosting this website, under the laws of the country we are registered, Georgia


We want to show off some utility of blockchain and create a permanent transaction history of those who demand regulatory clarity.

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Current Exchange Rate

27.854000 SEC/XRP

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